Hamas May Never Get A Clue

Once again, Hamas is at their usual anti-Israel crap. First they attack on a seminary in Jerusalem that they claim credit for. Now they seem to think claiming credit isn’t so wonderful after all:


Israeli hardliners are calling for revenge and an end to already-stalled peace talks after a Palestinian gunman killed 8 students (including an American) at a seminary in Jerusalem. Hamas first claimed, then rejected responsibility for the attack.

The thing is, now that Hamas has flipflopped, that’s not going to cut any mustard in Israel. While it’s the hardliners that are screaming for revenge, I can well imagine that the families and friends of those who were killed and injured when the idiot (be they hamas or not, they’re an idiot, anybody that pulls a stunt like that is an idiot) started shooting.

I am not a hamster, it’s obvious to me that hamas and other anti-Israel groups are never going to stop their crap and Israel is certainly never going to do what hamas & co want (namely, lay down and die). Sometimes I wonder why Israel doesn’t just declare outright war on ’em and be done with it. Of course, it’s probably because they know that attempting peace, even when it seems impossible is the better thing to do

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