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Since When is Torture Ok?!?

Posted by Non-Hamster on March 8th, 2008

That's the question of the day it seems.  For a LONG time now, one of the things that have made this country great is that we have always tried to operate under a rule of law with a high moral authority as a standard that we have always tried to hold up as a standard that we wanted to see all nations live up to.  I am not a hamster but I suspect that torture in any form just doesn't fit that moral authority.


President George W. Bush vetoed legislation that would have banned the CIA from using harsh interrogation methods to break suspected terrorists. Critics said the use of techniques such as waterboarding is a black mark on America.

Let me say that I'm NOT a democrat, nor do I agree with most democrats, however I seriously believe that this veto is a bad one and I think that there are certain tactics that must be banned because if we use the tactics of the enemy, then we become no better than them.

Some things aren't right no matter what.

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