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This story just flat **sses me off.  This would-be do-gooder type in La Jolla has decided to do something about the local population of transient homeless people.  However, instead of doing something that's actually helpful to them, this absolute personification of a brain fart has decided to start a campaign to keep sidewalk benches occupied so that transients can't sleep on them.

I've got a problem with this because it's a case of somebody not only deciding not to be helpful, but to actually make a problem worse and call it an improvement.  I mean, really now, I am not a hamster.  I know for a fact that very few people actually want to be homeless, living as transients in a society that wants to pretend they don't exist.

Most people that find themselves in this kind of situation would be glad to work their way out of it.  However it's bloody hard to get any kind of a job when you're homeless and cannot even give an employer an address or at least a contact phone number.

That lifestyle also makes it very difficult to do simple things like not looking & smelling filthy.  I can guarantee that even if an employer is willing to overlook the lack of an address and probably long gaps in employment history, there are maybe 1 in a 100,000 that will ignore the fact that you can't look or be very clean.  They'll not understand that for such a person it's not an option to run home, bathe and put on fresh clothes (that fit and look decent). 

In 2006, the Regional Task Force on Homeless estimated the homeless population at 9,600 countywide, which included 4,400 people within the city of San Diego.

Based on my own personal experience I have to say that I believe those numbers to be grossly under estimated.  I seriously believe that there were three or four times that number of homeless in this country twenty five years ago.  The current number could easily be twice again as much.

Instead of blocking people from sitting on benches, how about doing something to help them get cleaned up and trained for some kind of job.  Do something that actually gives them a shot to get and hold one long enough to get on their feet financially.  ... do little things like get a place to live and become a contributing part of the community.

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