Semi-Random Surf: Kravet fabrics

It’s that time again. No, not the clock, it’s time for another semi-random surf. This time It’s because I saw the words Kravet fabrics on a website, blog (or both? I’m not certain right now. I am not a hamster but I do often get fuzzy about site’s I’ve recently been to if there’s been a lot and tonight there’s been a LOT of ’em.)

Anyway, given that name I went and looked at their website. This is the site of a fourth generation family business which I’ll venture to say that they probably know a lot about the business of fabric, furniture, and home decoration in general… basically anything you’d use fabric on normally.

Looking over the site it’s amazing how many different things a business that specializes in fabric can sell and from how many manufacturers. I honestly didn’t have any idea how big the field is. I also have to say that I like the fact that they can do so without tons of bandwidth eating flash. Just good old html, text and graphics