A Surgeon To Avoid

Over the years I’ve seen and heard a lot of stories about medical mixups of one kind or another and some of them have even been funny. Even if a lot of them do end up sounding like really bad jokes. This one is pretty bad in more ways than one.

There’s a short item on Fox news “Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead” that talks about the case of German retiree was at a hospital in Hochfranken, Bavaria for an operation on her leg. The mixup had her switched with another woman who was having surgery on her sphincter to fix an incontinence problem.

Because somebody wasn’t paying attention to details both of these people have a problem. The one ended up with surgery she didn’t need and the other? Here’s hoping they didn’t screw up her leg. I am not a hamster, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the staff and doctors at a hospital to keep track of who is supposed to have what procedure.

The article said that the surgical team had been suspended but what about the rest of the staff that had some responsibility in making sure about little details like who is supposed to be where and what procedure they’re supposed to have?