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Criminals That Don't Think

Posted by Non-Hamster on March 22nd, 2008

It's amazing, some of the things that people will try to get away with.  Like the guy that took off in a doughnut delivery van and led police on a hundred mile an hour chase.  You know the results, he was arrested at gunpoint.

Then there's a guy in Australia that called the cops to report that six men had broken into his house and stolen part of his cannabis plants.

That reminds me of a story a while back about some genius types that stole a load of gps tracking devices...  The cops used the signal from the tracking devices to find the thieves.

I can't help wondering just how much actual thinking these people do.  I mean seriously, I am not a hamster, if you have to steal GPS gear, make sure it's disabled!  And never steal a doughnut truck, you'll be signaling every copy for nine counties to come after you *grin*

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