“Flaky” Ebay Deal nets $1350

Like most people, I’ve heard of lots of stories about strange or odd things being sold on ebay but I think this one is one for the top ranks of weird ebay sales. A couple of sisters from Virginia sold a cornflake for 1350.

Next thing you know people are selling all kinds of similar sales of corn flakes shaped like other states and even a potato chip shaped like Florida and it just keeps going, getting weirder by the minute.

However, I am not a hamster, I just have to ask “Where’s it end?” Is somebody going to grow a potato shaped like the space shuttle? How about a Cheeto shaped like the Battlestar Galactica?

The part that I really wonder about however is not the weird things people sell, but the fact that people actually buy this … stuff. I guess it’s more proof that people don’t have much sense anymore isn’t it?