New Microwave Bacon Cooker Rocks!

loaded bacon cookerI’ve got something cool to share and I honestly think that bacon lovers everywhere are going to love this thing. It’s a microwave bacon cooker that broils the bacon in a microwave oven and lets the grease drip away during the cooking. I’ve seen a bunch of things over the years that were supposed to make it easier to cook bacon or make bacon come out healthier but this one is the only easy to use, self contained unit that I’ve seen yet.

What you’ve got is a plastic frame with fins on it where you hang the bacon six slices at a time. At the top of this inside piece is six small vanes, three of them are longer and match up with slots in the center of the lid.

bacon ready to cookYou line up the longer vanes with the slots, put the lid down onto the frame and then turn it so that the short vanes line up with the slots. Then this whole arrangement goes into the cup and there’s a couple of latches to hold it in place.

Now what you have is bacon hanging on the inside of the cup, suspended a couple inches above the bottom of the cup. The instructions recommend 30 seconds per strip if the bacon is thinner (22 strips per pound or so) and 45 seconds per strip if it’s thicker (about 11 strips per pound)


pour bacon grease awayI was using some thicker bacon and so I cooked it for about four and a half minutes. You can vary the cooking time to have the bacon turn out with the degree of done you want. If you want it crispier just cook it a bit longer, or a bit less cooking time if you’d prefer it less crisp. When it was done the bacon was done just right, nice and crispy. All of the fat was collected in the bottom of the cup and easy to get rid of.

I am not a hamster, I know a good idea when I see one and this thing qualifies as a really good one. Because the fat drips away from the bacon instead of the bacon soaking in the grease in a frying pan it comes out a LOT healthier this way, which means that people who have had to give up bacon because of the fat could actually have it again.

Just for the heck of it I took a look and discovered that they’ve got a short video on YouTube and decided to post it here. It may come across as a commercial but I can say that this thing actually does what they say it does. That alone makes it stand out in today’s world and worth the time to check it out.

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  1. Because while you may choose to have bacon that’s loaded with fat, there’s a lot of people that need to sharply reduce the fat in their diets and the ability to have favorite things that are made in such a way as to cut the fat out of it without ruining it makes it easier to even be interested in cutting out excess fat.

    You really ought to try this thing before judging it. by varying the cooking time you can get the bacon to whatever level of done and crispy that you like. If it’s too crisp, use a shorter cooking time for the next batch.

    Because of differences in how bacon is cut from one brand to another, there is a a certain amount of trial and error to get it just right but believe me, it’s worth it.

    After having bacon cooked in this thing, it’s going to be a rare thing for me to cook bacon in a skillet, swimming in grease.

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