And you thought pollution was bad?

If you think industrial pollution was bad here in the US there’s a shepherd in Russia that has a real problem. He was awakened recently by the sound of an explosion. Being visually handicapped, he didn’t see anything wrong.

The next morning however is a different story. He finds this enormous metal casing had landed in his yard, nearly crushing the outhouse (no, I will NOT make the obligatory outhouse comment here, you can insert your own if you must have one.). Now he’s suing the Russian space agency for a million rubles (which works out to about $42,000 USD), which ought to let him fix the place up quite a bit, even fix up the outhouse with new seats, a window or two (with new roller shades for privacy of course.)

All fun aside, I am not a hamster, it seems that things like this happen fairly often in this area. Partly because it’s downrange from the Baikonur launch facility in Kazakhstan. This means that there are bits and pieces of launch vehicles that fall along the flight path from time to time.

Personally, I think this is a good argument for doing things the way we do here in the US, with the launch facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Any falling bits from our launches don’t land in peoples yards at least. I can’t help thinking that Russia and any other space-going nations ought to think about this in the future lest they be sued out of existence.