Snake Vodka?!

A guy in Texas, a rattlesnake rancher (how’s THAT for a job? No thanks!) calling himself “Bayou Bob”, is next in line as possible proof that humans do sometimes undergo serious weight loss in the cerebral cortex.

Why would I say such a thing? Because he’s putting a (presumably dead) rattlesnake in a bottle of vodka and selling it as an “ancient Asian healing elixir“.

Naturally the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has him up on charges for selling alcohol without a license but honestly, what could he have been thinking? For that matter, in this excessively lawsuit prone world, I’m not surprised that somebody of Asian decent doesn’t haul him into court in some kind of defamation lawsuit.

Not that I think such a lawsuit would fly, the guy had willing customers or the ABC wouldn’t have been after him.

Personally, I am not a hamster but I don’t care for snakes at all. Snakes don’t belong in vodka or any other thing that somebody might drink or eat. My thoughts run pretty much along the line that the only good snake is a belt.