How To Tell What Customers REALLY Think of You

Look at how they pay you. If they pay on time, with normal cash, checks or credit/debit cards then you’re probably ok for the most part. However, when they decide to write out a check on two ply toilet paper… I am not a hamster, You know in one word what they think of you.

That’s the situation in the case of this guy in Binghamton, NY. Back in Sept 06 he got a water bill for over four hundred bucks. Naturally he disputed that bill, saying he was overcharged. It’s been a fight (one that’s not over yet) and now, with penalties, late fees and so on, it’s grown to over $2500.

So he goes in to the office and writes out a check on toilet paper. You can argue that his opinion must be rather intense because of his using two ply.. apparently single ply wouldn’t have been strong enough.

The water company refused the check and now he’s fighting it in court. I wonder if the outcome will see as much press as the problem has?