German Vicar Offers ‘Grave’ Solution For Stress

Like many people these days, I’m all too familiar with the fact that there’s a LOT more stress involved in day to day life. So much so that people have been turning to some increasingly creative and often odd ways of dealing with it. Everything from taking a couple weeks worth of vacation time in a resort in some quiet Winter Park real estate to throwing foam rubber bricks a stupid and obnoxious things on television.

Some of the ideas I’ve seen or heard about have some actual potential as means of reducing stress or at least allowing people to escape it and decompress for a few minutes. On the other hand, I am not a hamster, lying down in a grave is NOT my idea of a good way to escape stress.

That’s what this vicar in Germany has come up with however. He was allowing local parishioners to lie down in an open grave for a few minutes. Everything seems to have been going fine until the press got wind of it. Naturally the press being what it is, just had to rush right in and ruin something that, while *I* wouldn’t ever want to do it, apparently was doing *some* good at least.