Wireless Lan Troubles

We’ve been having some trouble with a Wireless Lan Card lately and I’ve not yet been able to find out exactly what the problem is. So, I figured, hey, I am not a hamster but I’m not getting this figured out, how about blog about it and see what your readers know being the intelligent people they are. Besides, the alternative is get out a standard LAN card and run about 50-75 feet of CAT6 cable through the house. uh huh, not going to work that is.

The problem is a Win98 Machine (no, upgrading the OS is NOT an option right now) built on an Intel AL440LX Motherboard, a 333mhz Pentium II and 384MB Ram, trying to use a Realtek RTL8185 PCI/Cardbus 802.11g 54M Wireless LAN Network Interface Card.

Sometimes it’ll work without problem. Other times there will be a noticeable “clicking” sound and then we get the blue screen of death… This usually ends up in a reboot. This situation can happen anywhere from an hour to one second after starting the connection manager program to get a connection established.

I’ve gotten the Win98 drivers from the manufacturer of the card and re-installed several times now but the problem still comes up with no discernible reason for it.

If anybody can give me a clue about this sort of thing, I’d appreciate it.

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  1. Clicking sounds normally involve moving parts – Are you sure it’s not a fan or the hard drive dying?

  2. I thought of that and double checked when it happened again the other day. The fan’s going fine and the clicking sound I heard appears to be relays or something in the monitor (it’s an old one, made circa 1995) when the video switched modes to display the BSOD.

  3. could be getting interference from something. a friend of mine had a few 98 pcs that also had xp on them and he was having troubles with the wirless in 98 (dropping in and out, sometimes not working at all) yet it worked fine in xp. He solved it by buying a 5dbi antenna for the wirless cards instead of using the standard ones with the card.

    btw nice site, i like your theme.

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  4. I hadn’t thought of that as a possibility… mostly because it’s pretty rural around here and I can’t think of what might be putting out enough interference to mess with it. It’s definitely worth checking into.

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