Nine Year Old Murder Plot

I suppose most people have heard by now about the group of third graders that had planned to handcuff their teacher, put tape over her mouth and hit her over the head. The nine year old kids had planned the whole thing and brought things they were going to use… tape, handcuffs, a knife and so on.

What got this whole thing started is the fact that one of them had been disciplined for standing on a desk. (I believe the story on GMA mentioned that the kid in question had been sent to a “time out” of some kind).

I am not a hamster, I know that there’s been a LOT of stuff going on a lot more often and more serious than ever used to. However these kids, plotting something like this when they’re barely old enough to even consider a part of the impact of their actions… heck, they’re not even old enough to need acne treatment and they’re plotting to capture and injure or even murder somebody?

This world is genuinely getting sicker by the day. What’s worse is that some idiot will probably try to blame the schools or the teacher for disciplining the kids instead of letting them do whatever their little hearts desire.


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