Olympic Mess

The olympics are going to be getting started in China soon and it seems that the closer opening day gets the more trouble there is over it.

Thing is, there’s actually serious reasons behind this trouble. Oh, I am not a hamster, I’m not saying that the violence and other BS that’s been making it difficult to even move the torch along it’s route is in any way justified. Understandable maybe, but violence isn’t needed.

It’s understandable because China has had a really bad track record in the human rights department. Tibet is being treated kinda like the old Soviet Union treated it’s more ill favored satellite nations. Then there’s also the fact that China is “negatively involved” in the mess in Darfur.

Add to this their track record when it comes to snuffing out freedom of speech and playing fast and loose with civil liberties in their own country and things get uglier by the minute.

Perhaps the Chinese government needs a history lesson from their Russian neighbors. Such a lesson could well forecast China’s future if they don’t make serious changes soon.

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2 Replies to “Olympic Mess”

  1. If anything I think they’ve manged to get worse over the years and it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any positive changes any time soon.

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