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Apple Suing New York Over Logo

Posted by Non-Hamster on April 19th, 2008

As computer companies go, Apple Computer has a long history.  They've been associate with the "apple with bite out of it" logo for a long time.  Now they seem to think that they're the only ones that should be allowed to use an apple as part of the design of their logo

There's a non-profit "GreenNYC' initiative in New York City that created a logo that used a green apple with a single leaf growing off the stem.

The brain trust at Apple Computer apparently decided that a good legal fight would keep them in shape until they could restock their supply of best weight loss pills and so they filed suit against the city of New York.

They said that "create confusion in the minds of the customers and would benefit NYC & Company only due to the level of recognition Apple has gained so far."

Um... Excuse me?  I am not a hamster yet even *I* can tell the difference between Apple's Apple and GreenNYC's apple.  For one thing, one's red and the other is green.  One has a single leaf growing out of the stem and the other has a bite out of it.  Apple, I think you've just managed to make enemies of 18+ million New Yorkers.  Saying that this green thing would cause confusion is telling New Yorkers that they're too dumb to tell the difference.  Keep that up and you might find it a lot easier to tell the difference when Apple Computer stuff starts showing up in dumpsters all over "The Big Apple".

Naturally, NYC isn't taking this lying down.  They've filed to have Apple's claim rejected and since Apple seems to think that prior use grants exclusivity, NYC also asked for the cancellation of Apple's logo given that NYC has been known as "The Big Apple" and used the apple for thirty some years longer than Apple Computer.

I bet that Apple Computer loses this one.

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