Metal Ornamental Bull Testicles?!

I have to say that when I saw this on Yahoo’s Odd News I’m glad I wasn’t drinking at the time. I hate having to clean the monitor and keyboard after spraying coffee all over everything.

Florida Sen. Carey Baker has introduced a bill that would ban Metal replicas of bull testicles as bumper ornaments. I am not a hamster yet I have a hard time trying to decide which of the following facts is a worse comment on our society.

That this has gotten to be some kind of trend in Florida in terms of bumper decoration in the first place.

The fact that Florida Senate has taking time away from some seriously pressing issues to consider a bill that would ban them and the Florida house is unlikely to pass the legislation before the current session ends next Friday.

Or the fact that even if it does pass, that it seems that the Governor of Florida is apparently unlikely to sign the bill.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first such situation:

A similar bill in Virginia, aimed at rubber trailer hitch replicas of human genitalia, died in committee this year.

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