Australia Goes Overboard

Australia has decided to do something about idiots that like to shine laser pointers at planes, causing a dangerous problem for pilots… after all, you’re not going to land one of those things from memory, you need to be able to see what you’re doing and getting blinded by an idiot on the ground with a laser is among one of the last things a pilot wants going on. It’s probably right up there with landing a 757 after running out of fuel and watching your engines shut down.

So you see, I am not a hamster, I get it that something needs to be done. It’s just that Australia’s idea of defining laser pointers as weapons is taking things too far. As is also their plan to make it illegal to carry any laser pointer “without a lawful reason.”.

Best idea is to put up a reward. The floons that do this sort of crap inevitably will get around to bragging or telling somebody about it and when they do they may find that their ‘friends’ are much more interested in collecting the reward for turning him in.

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