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I really hate the way news media put things sometimes.  They almost always manage to spin the headlines and usually the stories themselves in such a way that they don't really have as much to do with reality as they should.

For example, have a look at this one:

U.S. Economy Gets Jolt Of Good News

Then under it,in smaller type that a lot of people won't bother reading because they're focused on the headline in it's large type and bold font, is this qualifying statement:

Unemployment Rate Dips And Only 20,000 Jobs Lost In April In Better-Than-Expected Performance

That makes it a it more clear but that's not always the case.  Often, by the time you read the article, you begin to wonder what it's got to do with the headline.  I am not a hamster, obviously they're trying to grab the readers attention but it seems to me like nobody's casting a critical eye on this stuff while it's supposed to be in the draft / proofreading stage.  Either that, or as I suspect, they don't give a flying flip as long as it gets them more readers / viewers / listeners and attracts the advertising dollars.

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