Spring Cleaning: Desk Top Edition

It’s that time of year again. Time to do a serious spring cleaning of my desk and the surrounding area. My desk is… not exactly the neatest thing you’ve ever seen (not that you’re going to! some things I’m not going to picture online! 😛 ). I’ve got all manner of things in, on and around it. Some of this stuff I haven’t seen in months and there’s a lot of it that I don’t even remember what it is. Other stuff can sometimes be something of a mystery.

Have YOU ever found an old toothbrush on your desk under a bunch of papers and misc stuff? Neither have I but it wouldn’t surprise me too much either. Then there’s a box of memory chips. That’s quite a bit of history there just in the variety of memory in it. There’s a 128mb stick of laptop memory and nobody here even HAS a laptop yet! Then there’s 128megs of DDR2, several 16meg 72pin SIMMS, and even a few *4 meg* 72 pin SIMMS! I am not a hamster, I’ll just bet I’ll not be having much use for THAT in the near future.

From there the “organization” goes down hill fast. There’s about 4 square feet of desktop surface that I haven’t seen in months. I’ve got notebooks, printouts, Music CD’s, Blank CD’s, and I just found a pair of socks!

Looks like this job is going to get bigger (and stranger) as it goes.

And THEN I get to open the drawers and delve into those unknowns!

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