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Ok I am not a hamster, not *ALL* Clinton opponents want her to stay in the race, The Obama camp would celebrate for two days if she were to quit.  The McCain supporters on the other hand, will benefit most from her staying in the race tot he bitter end.  Why?  Because the longer she stays in the race the longer the Democrats are fighting amongst themselves.

It also means that they'll have less time to get united behind one candidate once one finally is chosen.  Meanwhile, McCain is already well on the way down the campaign trail toward the general election.  Granted, he hasn't officially been nominated and won't be until the Republican convention but at this point that's just going to be a rubber stamp approval of what's really a foregone conclusion.

The Republicans have long since quit arguing / fighting over who's going to be their candidate and they're already presenting a united front.  The longer the democrats take to sort their nomination issues out the less time they'll have to accomplish this same thing.  Meanwhile McCain will already be at cruising speed by the time they get warmed up.

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