CBS: Is Clinton Done?

On the heels of recent defeats and campaign finance woes, a recent CBS news article is questioning Clinton’s ability to continue her campaign.

I think that the answer is really pretty obvious, she’s going to stay in as long as possible out of sheer stubborn, keeping the inter-party infighting going on until somebody rubs her nose in the facts of life and she reaches the point where it’s mathematically impossible for her to win.

One of the biggest signs is the problems that her campaign is having in money matters. McCain is doing well in raising money and Obama is proving to be a master of fundraising. On the other hand, Clinton has on several occasions had to loan several million dollars to her campaign out of her personal fortune. I am not a hamster, I can’t help thinking that this means a lot more than they’re not going to be booking entire floors of laughlin hotels when as far as I know her campaign doesn’t meet it’s payroll all the time. (I could be wrong, but I doubt it.)

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