Real Life OxyMoron

I am not a hamster but believe it or not, I think it’s possible that lawmakers are just a bit shortsighted. In this case I’m speaking about laws requiring people to have car insurance. The laws in question, as far as I know, pretty much the same in most states…

Before you can register the car and get a license plate for it, you have to show proof of insurance. There is no ‘grace period’ or any allowance at all. Why is this a problem? Because there’s plenty of times when people buy a car and have to move it home or to some other location where they can store it until they can get the insurance. Unfortunately the insurance companies have the lawmakers all tied up and there is no exception to the your-car-has-to-have-insurance laws.

Somebody said “well, just don’t buy the car until you can afford the insurance”. Yeah, right. You be sure and do that.

Don’t ya just hate laws that are made without anyone thinking first?

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