Sharing A Snack Costs Jail Time

I get irritated at some of the stories in the news of stupid things that people do but I think this foxnews story is in line for the top prize in stupid. Part of what I find so irritating about this story is that it’s incomplete and very likely there will never be a followup. Somebody just thought it would be good to fill some space that they didn’t have enough advertisements or promotional products to fill the space with.

This guy in Ohio, did some time last year for breaking into a bar. While he was there,

“he bought an oatmeal cream pie from a vending machine and shared it with a fellow inmate who wasn’t allowed to eat the snack.”

What does our hero get for his trouble? 30 days in jail and he gets to pay $1,500.

I am not a hamster, It’s pretty obvious that there’s a LOT that isn’t in this story that should be in order for it to be considered worth using…. One of the Biggies would be WHY was the other inmate not allowed to eat an oatmeal cream pie? Did our hero know about this situation?

Then there’s the question of what happened next? Will we ever see any more about the story. Probably not. Why publish something like this if you’re not going to follow it up?


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