Big Oil Before Senate

In one of those rare “It’s about freaking time” moments, the Senate Judiciary Committee had the executives of the five biggest oil companies in the hot seat. I am not a hamster, I knew when I heard it was going to happen that they were going to try desperately to scramble out from under the blame of taking all tiime record breaking profits while people everywhere are getting into serious financial trouble over the ever rising price of fuel. I guess they think we’re all in need of mental memory upgrades because they obviously treat us like we don’t remember anything from one day to the next.

The whole thing is a stinking mess: For example, Exxonmobil racks up $40 billion in profits last year and one of their executives tries to feed us the bald faced lie that they’re only only making four cents on the dollar. Yeah… riight. ……And pigs fly too!

Another one of these examples of scroogian greed is trying to feed us the line that these profits aren’t really profits because they’re investing all of their profits. What he doesn’t say is what those profits are being invested in. I suspect it’s being invested primarily in the holdings of key corporate executive types and NOT in research and development.

Frankly, these “people” (and I use the term loosely) have no interest in bringing the price of fuel down or increasing it’s availability. By keeping things the way they are, with prices rising, they’re making more money than anyone ever has in history.

The whole thing is all about one big driving force behind everything in big business.


The desire to have more and more power and money until they finally control everything because of the dependence on oil.

We need to have more than just independence from foreign oil. We need to be independent of DOMESTIC oil as well.

In the meantime I think that if things continue the way they are then these oil exec’s ought to be sure to spend a big chunk of their ill gotten gains on security because if they don’t, and even if they do, I am not going to be surprised to see news reports of oil executives being assassinated. People are getting seriously angry about this and unless things change I think it’s only a matter of time before somebody decides to “solve the problem”. That won’t help of course, but angry people won’t be thinking of that.

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