American Airlines Charging for Baggage

I’m not actually someone who does any flying but even a hamster can see when something is getting ridiculous and I am not a hamster… I can see ridiculous a mile away.


American Airlines will start charging $15 for the first checked bag, cut domestic flights and lay off workers as it grapples with record-high fuel prices.

Ok, I get it. They need to make up the difference for soaring fuel costs. Obviously they’re going to pass these costs on to customers, I get that too. but really, while $15 to check one back *MIGHT* be reasonable if you stretch things a bit, the sharply increasing rates for successive bags checked is getting out there a ways.. Especially the third back at over $100.

This is yet another thing that’s going to eventually work to drive home just how un-acceptable the cost of fuel has become. That something has to be done about it is obvious, the problem is, the oil companies or oil producing nations have no reason to change anything.. they’ve got us right where they want us and they have no reason (in their tiny, greedy little minds) to change anything. If they do anything it will be to turn the screws tighter and squeeze harder.

Then again, that could backfire on them. I’ve seen comments on Usenet to the effect that crude oil can be processed in to gasoline and other products even if it’s radioactive.

Kinda shows what some folks are thinking doesn’t it?

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