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I ran across a cool site today. It’s LBW eyewear, an e-store for eyeglasses. You still have to see the eye doctor so he can figure out what your prescription is, but once you’ve done that, all you need is to get a readable copy of the prescription.

Then you can browse through LBW Eyewear’s online store for the frames you want. You still get the options of tinting, UV protection and all the other options that you could get at the doctor’s office.. even bifocals.

Once you’ve picked out your frames and selected whatever options you want, then you fill in the numbers from the prescription that tells them exactly how to make the lenses for your vision. Then all you need do is sit back and wait for the new specs in the mail 10 – 15 days after ordering.

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  1. I have to agree that ordering glasses online is definitely one of the most convenient ways to go about it and LBW Eyewear sounds pretty cool. If you are also interested in ordering designer sunglasses, prescription or not, you should check out FramesDirect DOT com. You can even virtually try- on glasses and sunglasses so you can see how you look. I hope this was helpful, and I will definitely have to check out LBW Eyewear to see what they are all about! Thanks!

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