Of Puppies And Lawns

We recently got a new puppy. It’s been a while since I’ve been around young pups very much and this little bundle of energy by the name of Misty is reminding me how entertaining and challenging they can be. She’s a Lab / Shepherd mix who delights in the classic tug of war game, finding just about anything in the house that shouldn’t be within her reach and pouncing in an almost catlike manner on various toys.

She’s not one of those that’ll sit and chase her tail though, she’d much rather chase Gizmo the cat. Those two have an interesting arrangement developing. Gizmo will sit on top of a box, chair or other somewhat elevated position and Misty will jump, nip and play at attacking him. Gizmo allows her to get away with a certain amount of this and then proceeds to soundly box her hears and cut loose with some of the nastiest sounding hissing and growling I’ve ever heard him do. I am not a hamster, I know that they’re just playing but sounds for all the world like it’s world war three.

They’ll keep this up for a few minutes until he decides he’s had enough and bounds off to some window that she can’t reach.

what about the lawns part? Well, with a pup comes the usual elements of taking her outside for those things that you’d rather serve as garden decor instead of happening in the house.

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