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Very Young Insurance?

Posted by Non-Hamster on May 28th, 2008

Browsing around and ran across something that just struck me funny.  A insurance website that, as one of it's products, offered "child insurance".  Before I go any farther I have to say that I am not a hamster, I know that it's really talking about insurance coverage for children...

...but the way it struck me was a lot funnier.  Child insurance sounded very much like an insurance policy that's very young and will eventually be a *real* insurance policy once it grows up.

I've had similar observations about other things.  For example, "Cheese Food Product" that people buy (and eat!?) in place of real cheese.  That's not cheese, it's something that you feed to cheese.  Or more literally, Cheese Food Product would be the "product" of feeding cheese food to cheese... in other words, Cheese Food Product = Cheese Poop.  Why would anyone eat that?

This insight into a strange mind has been brought to you by a whim of the moment.

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