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Enough testing already

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 27th, 2007

Y'know, there comes a time in something's development when you need to say "enough of the testing already, let's build this thing".  This thing Toyota is building is a good example.


Toyota is the first company to get approval to road-test a hybrid car in Japan that
can be recharged by wall socket in addition to the normal while-driving methods. The
cars go much further without using gas, but they're not ready for the market yet.

These guy's have a car ... Electric / Gasoline hybrid that can recharge by plugging into a standard outlet at home.  It can also recharge on the road by generating electricity when it's braking and when the wheels are spinning.

This thing's only got a crusing range of 8 miles or so if it's only using electricity, but it's designed to automatically kick in a gasoline engine when it's needed.  It can do 60 mph!

This thing is SO ready for a market that's hungry for super fuel efficient vehicles.  I am not a hamster, something like this ought to sell like crazy and what do they do?  Say it's not quite ready and needs more testing.

Yeah, right.

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