Phones In The Car

Y’know, todays’ technological world has given us a lot of really cool (and very useful!) stuff. Unfortunately, there is sometimes a major lack of sense in how it’s used. For a good example I give you the Cell phone. (and no I am not a hamster. it really *IS* two words, not one!)

The big problem with the cell phone is the way that people choose to use them which is, in a word, rudely. Another good word would be thoughtlessly. How many have been in a doctors waiting room and found themselves trapped in the only available seat next to somebody that just HAD to carry on their juicy gossip via cell phone…. speaking loud enough to insure that everybody in the office is in the know along with the party on the other end of the phone who is at least blessed enough to be able to save their ears from the loudmouth by pulling the phone away.

Of course, this kind of scenario isn’t just restricted to doctors offices. It’s a sad part of life in any waiting room or office that cell phone reception is strong enough. If they get the bars, you get the blab. They show up everywhere from the grocery store. The ones that I have the worst time realizing that they’re not talking to me is those people who walk around wearing a Bluetooth headset in their ear… just chattering away like they’re the only person in the room.

The blab and blab away, almost always at full volume as if everybody there actually wanted to hear their conversations and family problems.

The very least they could do is realize that this kind of thing has very sensitive microphones and it is not necessary to speak loud enough for the whole room to hear them.

Just a little consideration would go a long way. A Lot of us don’t want to hear your conversation about Aunt Millie’s favorite blue fart collection or that fight you had with your spouse the other day.

And then there’s the people in the car, driving down the road and paying more attention to their phone than the road in front of them and other people on it. They’re heading for an accident that’s going to take innocent people with them. THEY need the bluetooth headsets!

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