Beware Of Jokes Becoming Reality

No, I am not a hamster. I’m serious here. There are jokes that can, over time, take on a life of their own and eventually walk up and introduce itself to you and ask “Remember me? I’m real now.”

Such is the case with something that my brother and I used to joke about. Way back in 1992 or so in the age of dinosaurs where a 25mhz cpu was considered lightning fast and “640K of memory ought to be enough for anyone” was still a fairly recent quote. One of his favorite answers to questions like “what do you want?” was “A Terabyte”.

It was funny as all get out to us because in those days that was a (literally) unheard of amount of storage. Floppy disks held anywhere from 150K to 720K and a 40 megabyte hard drive was considered monstrous. Well, thanks to Moore’s law and advancing technology things have changed. Now one of the current best buys at is an actual, real life … ahem… TERABYTE HARD DRIVE.

What’s really amazing to me is that back then we kinda expected something like that to be the size of a medium size garage or maybe a small seven-eleven and this thing is smaller than a breadbox (does anyone even HAVE breadboxes anymore?) and portable at that!

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