You Just Can’t Help Some People … Or Some Nations

Looking at a few days worth of emails and ran across this item:


Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday he will make a decision within “a matter of days” to withdraw U.S. Navy ships from the coast of Myanmar, because “it’s becoming pretty clear the regime is not going to let us help.”

This whole Myanmar thing has been ridiculous from the word go. At every step, the military government there has shown that they’re more interested in their citizens being allowed to continue suffering, trying to deal with a disaster that they’re just not equipped for at all. They’ve been steadily refusing aid and I have yet to hear a single good reason.

It’s simple really, I am not a hamster (though even a hamster could figure this one out), when there is a disaster of this scale and people and nations come offering help, you let them give it. Even some kind of military totalitarian government ought to know that if the general population is out of action because of a major disaster, you need things dealt with as quickly as possible so that people can get back to work and get the economy rolling again.

Or is it possible that they WANT the few angry citizens who have the strength to attempt it to come in armed with whatever and try to take over just to end the BS?

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