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Life In The Sticks: Truck Pull

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 5th, 2008

There's something about "living in the sticks" the way we do.  Aside from the obvious advantages of having a lot less people and therefore less of the annoying things that go with large populations.. traffic, smog, overcrowding, high real estate prices.. etc (I am not a hamster, this list could go on for days) there are some strange little quirks.

One of them hit me just the other day.  We were out going somewhere and passed by a sign announcing "Truck Pull" and a date & time.  This is one of those little reminders that while I live in a rural area, I'm still a city kid at heart.  Aside from what the grammar police might say about the phrase "Truck pull", the first thing it brings to MY mind is "that's what you do when the car won't start or is wrecked."

In actuality, it turns out that the "Truck pull" is a hyped up version of a old time "Tractor pull", complete with rules, fans, a regular "circuit" and so on.

Without meaning to offend anyone who's a fan of "Truck pulls" and the like, it still strikes me as kinda weird.

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