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It's late at night, you're just nicely starting to drift off into a much needed nights sleep and suddenly your whole body is treated to a gut wrenching low frequency vibration that shatters any hope you had of rest.  What happened?  Your neighbor has just started up their car stereo in the driveway.

I've never understood the fascination with taking something that ordinarily might well qualify as some form of at least semi-reasonable music and turning it into a rolling earthquake but it's the kind of thing that makes me think it might well be worth ruining a new set of Callaway golf clubs by using them to destroy the offending sound equipment.

No, I am not a hamster, not even an almost homicidal one.  I'm not about to actually go beating the smithereens out of somebody, their car or anything else.

I do really wonder what's so great about turning the treble all the way down and maxing out the bass?  I've heard the result more than I care to think about and it doesn't even begin to resemble music.  Not only that, but it literally makes me physically ill.  Being within a quarter mile of something like that has actually made me sick to my stomach.  How anyone can stand to sit in a close car with it is beyond me!

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