FEMA To Use Formaldehyde Travel Trailers Again

Finding themselves in one of those ‘rock and a hard place’ situations, FEMA is now saying that if there’s need during this hurricane season, they will once again use travel trailers to house victims in spite of the fact that large numbers of the trailers that they used for Katrina victims had high levels of formaldehyde in them.

Ok, I get it that they’re not actually rushing out to use these trailers and they’re only talking about it “in the event of a major disaster”. but still, this comes after they’ve made a big deal of promising never to use them again.

But wait, there’s more…. beyond any possibility that FEMA may use the things again, is the big question that I haven’t seen anyone asking and I am not a hamster, I think that anyone even old enough to keep large supplies of herbal acne treatment ought to realize that the big question nobody seems to be asking is “If the formaldehyde levels are so bad in THOSE travel trailers, what about the levels in other trailers made by the same company? Has ANYONE thought to check this out at all?

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