Was That Schlage or Shillelagh?

I ran across an odd sounding word today… Schlage. I’ve never seen or heard this word before and it struck me kind of oddly because I had to stop and think about what it might possibly mean. My first thought is that it might be Gaelic in origin.

I am not a hamster but I thought the word even looks a bit like Shillelagh {pronounced Shill-LAY-Lee} (for those who don’t know, a Shillelagh is an oak or blackthorn sapling that’s been made into a cudgel [a kind of club] used by Irish faction fighters in the past.)

That bit of odd guesswork aside, I took some time to find out and it turns out that Schlage is actually the name of a manufacturer of interior and exterior door hardware. I suppose you might, in a pinch, manage to use some of their products as a Shillelagh but I think they’d rather people just used them to mount doors.

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2 Replies to “Was That Schlage or Shillelagh?”

  1. I actually did find the reference to key when I was searching it but decided that the idea of using that company’s products for a Shillelagh was just too funny to pass up. (at least it was funny at the time.)

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