Bathing Dogs

I got to have some fun the other day, giving the dog a bath. Now I am not a hamster, giving the dog a bath is something lots of people do all the time. It was a little different this time, not only is this not the same dog as before, this one is young and full of energy with very little desire to sit still.

Her predecessor was nearly 14 years old and had several problems. She was content to sit in the tub and let me take care of business. Not so with young pup. First off, she doesn’t like the tub, or rather she likes the tub just fine… until I turn the water on. Recently I tried bathing her outside since we actually do have some outside plumbing fixtures to supply the water. Although since a hose wasn’t available, I found myself holding the wet, aggravated dog’s leash with one hand and trying to fill and re-fill a water bucket with the other.

I think in the future I’m going to either get a hose or try to get her used to the tub inside.

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