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Cat Sense

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 27th, 2007

Heard about the cat that people are claiming is "predicting death"?  Having had cats around both when I was a kid and the two that we've had for years now I've had plenty of chance to watch cat behavior and there's something this story isn't taking into account.

That's the fact that cats tend to sense when people aren't feeling good.  I've seen this with cats we had when I was a kid as well as with the two cats we have now.  In both cases their behavior changes when somebody is sick.  They tend to be a lot more 'clingy', staying close to the person who isn't feeling well.  I am not a hamster, it seems pretty obvious that if you take this kind of behavior and combine it with a nursing home, you're going to get results like that story is talking about.

In a nursing home it doesn't surprise me at all that a cat would gravitate to and spend a lot of it's time with terminal patients.  In drug rehabs the critter would probably hang around whoever was the most strung out (as long as they're not violent, that would change everything).

In short I don't see why people are so surprised that the cat spends lots of time with terminal patients.  I'd be surprised if it didn't.

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