Another Canine Matter ‘Going Outside’

Continuing my thoughts and observations about bathing dogs to another important item in matters canine.

“going outside”

No, I’m not just talking about going out for some recreational fun. This is the other kind. That very necessary but entirely “I don’t wanna do this at 4:30am” kind. In the past, “going outside” meant taking Jaz outside and then waiting while she attended to her business. Being an older dog, she wasn’t interested in a whole lot of exploring, she just wanted to get things done and go back inside. We hadn’t even needed a leash for years because she stayed in the yard even though we don’t have a fence.

Misty on the other hand is an entirely different story. She needs to be on the leash at all times when outside because exploring is her favorite thing to do. If not for the leash, “going outside” would turn into a game of “hide and seek: chase the dog edition”. So, the leash is used for every trip and she gets to have company the entire time. Unfortunately there’s a danger in that. When the dog uses a significant portion of the yard for her “business” and there isn’t any outdoor lighting to speak of, those late night walks make me think of walking in a sort of mine field.

So far, I’ve managed to avoid them but then again, she’s only a bit over two months old too.

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