Pringles Can Designer Buried In His Work

I was cruising because frankly, you can find some really odd, even funny stuff on there. What’s even better is that some of it is actually true. Such is the case of one Fredric J. Baur, of Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Baur isn’t exactly very widely known but one part of his work has become a household item. He is the man who designed the packaging for the Pringles Potato Crisps.

He was evidently quite proud of this accomplishment, so much so that he wanted to be buried in one of the now famous cans. He died last May at the age of 89 and his family honored his last wish and had part of his cremated remains in a placed in a Pringles can which was buried along with an urn that contains the rest of his ashes.

I am not a hamster nor will I needlessly disrespect the dead (or more importantly the surviving family) so instead of making funny little quips about his last wishes and the fact that his family chose to honor those wishes, I’ll just say that I never knew that the tubular Pringles can and the method of stacking curved chips in it were invented so early.

It seems that Fredric J. Baur applied for the patent in 1966 and it was granted in 1970. I think it was a few years later that the Pringles chips began to appear in stores.

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