Arm And A Leg

I was kinda blurry this morning when GMA was on and I honestly only remember just this one bit from it. I heard either Robin Roberts Or Diane Sawyer say “Arms are the new legs.”

I have no idea what they were talking about because in my blurry state, I wasn’t actually paying attention. However, even in that condition some phrases reach out and bite your ears. This is one such phrase that not only grabs your attention but it just won’t go away either.

I am not a hamster, I have heard similar phrases like, “{insert color here} is the new black.” and I honestly don’t understand that logic any more than I do the thing about arms being legs.

I have to say that this kind of statement is meaningless to me because it simply isn’t true. White, gray, green, blue, red, mauve or whatever other color you care to name is NOT the new black because it isn’t black. This is plainly obvious to anyone that has properly functioning color vision.

Arms cannot possibly be the new legs because God attached the arms to the shoulders, not the hips. If YOU choose to invert your life and walk around using arms like they were legs then feel free to do so but don’t complain when I laugh at you and think you’re a nut for doing it.

Another such phrase that I’ve been hearing for years is “Less is more.” No, Less is NOT more. Read a dictionary definition of the two words if you have to. Less is not and never will be more. The two are polar opposites. The phrase “Less is more.” is a null statement that contains zero information at all.

If by chance this kind of phrase is meant to express a different thought than what it looks like, I strongly suggest that somebody exercise their minds and come up with a better way to say it.

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  1. I understand what YOU mean. Just because someone wants to sound clever, is NO excuse for butchering the English language. Enough already. If you want to appear smart, then you should educate yourself so you can be easily understood by others who speak the same language. Slang is only a shortcut, not proper speach.

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