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Another Unexpected Search

Posted by Non-Hamster on June 23rd, 2008

Not long ago I mentioned seeing a record of a visitor from Chisinau Moldova to I am not a hamster searching "credit monitor".  I decided that in the interest of trying to provide what my visitors are looking for that I would do a bit of reading and write something on the subject.  The result has actually had a fair amount of traffic.

So, when I look today and see another search that yielded no results, this time the keyword used was "thailand".  I thought at first that this was really strange but still worth looking into.  I turned out that the request came from an ISP *IN* Thailand.  Odd, I thought, perhaps it's a tourist or something... who knows?

Anyway, I've decided that there's nothing wrong with providing little custom boxes of information when there's a search that yields no results.  This way visitors to this blog have a better chance of finding something that they're looking for.

Unfortunately however, I actually don't know much about Thailand.  I know that it's in Southeast Asia and borders on Cambodia, Laos and Burma.  It's also not very far from Vietnam.  They're probably the biggest exporter of rice in the world.  A couple years ago there was a massive 9.? undersea earthquake that killed several hundred thousand people in the area.  You can find a lot More on Thailand on Wikipedia and your favorite search engines.

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