WTF Is On Your Licence Plate

Here’s a giggle for you. Last year there were some 9,999 drivers in North Carolina who were issued license plates that had “WTF” as the first three characters.

Naturally this caused a lot of giggling among people who’re up to date on current Internet shorthand. This one teacher had such a plate and didn’t “get it” until her grandchildren were giggling at it. Long story short, she petitions the DMV and they order new plates free of charge for everybody with a “WTF” plate.

I am not a hamster but I AM just enough of a wiseass that I’d have wanted to keep that plate just to be that way.

I also can’t help wondering if this means that now DMV’s across the country are going to have to check the possible alternate significance of letter combination’s on license plates before the issue them. In a way, I can understand the desire to be careful about what something might mean, yet it’s also too bad some really funny plates may now never be.

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