Noisey Neighbors

You know the type… prone to loud stereo’s going at all hours of the night and day, parties, fights, loud cars with engines racing… Trash cans clattering and banging in the middle of the night and once in a while a really loud fight that may or may not include gunshots and / or a visit from the local police to restore order. I am not a hamster but the sound of gunshots tends to really spoil my ability to relax for the evening.

I’ve lived next door to a bunch of types like that over the years and to say the least, it’s nerve-wracking. Oh it seldom starts out that way. When we moved into our current house there was a family in the house on once side and an older woman on the other.

The family started out quiet, got louder and eventually moved out and the house stands empty to this day. The older woman moved on. That house stood empty for months at a time, sometime being rented by younger, louder people until finally it was bought by the current residents. For the most part they’re not the loud kind but you still get to hear “thumping” stereos at two o’clock in the morning once in a while.

Makes me wish that my wife’s best friend was livng there. Not only is she and her husband good friends, they’re not loud neighbors. He might spend all kinds of time working on restoring used Harleys but you can bet he’s not going to shake the whole neighborhood with a stereo mangling some sad excuse for what young people call music these days.

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