Screen Actors Guild Set For “Strike II”

Remember the Writer’s strike? I remember it. Some of the few things I liked about television were either killed by it or had their seasons ended several months early because of it. Now it’s a year later and we’re staring at the prospect of another strike that could delay the fall season, which means that not only did shows like Heroes, Bionic Woman and Eli Stone end up with short seasons, now the new seasons are in jeopardy as well.

I understand that these people don’t think they’re getting a righteous deal and maybe they’re not, but what they (or the producers) are not even thinking about is the way in which they’re shafting a lot of innocent people that just want to make a living and wont if they go on strike or the studios lock them out.

And oh, by the way, being part of another strike that delays or cancels more programming that people, fans, are looking forward to is not exactly a way to build any kind of positive rapport with the viewing public.

Then again, I am not a hamster, perhaps there is a technological solution. Television shows made using technology like the kind that folks like Dreamworks, Pixar and Second Life are capable of. I’ve seen some of their “making of …” bits and for example, in Shrek they had to back off on the realism because the characters looked “Too Real”.

Seems to me that it’s at least possible to come up with a software engine that could present virtual characters on a virtual set acting out real scenes. Come to think of it, it’s very possible and maybe if there’s another strike, the viewing public ought to start calling for the implementation of such a thing.

Maybe the Screen Actors Guild ought to think about that for a while. This is *SO* doable it’ll make their heads spin.

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