Gates Finally Leaving Microsoft

Bill Gates, the billionaire behind Microsoft, MS-Dos, and Windows. The man who is credited with saying “640K of ram is enough for anyone”, is calling it quits and is leaving Microsoft.

The bad thing about this is that this means that Steve Ballmer is going to be in charge now. This is the same Ballmer that’s been reported to have screaming fits and sound nearly homicidal because some other company had the gall to think that they could do something better than Microsoft. I am not a hamster but I think that “Cyber Cynic” Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols on the Computerworld blog is dead on with his “Five reasons to fire Ballmer“.

If Ballmer guy stays in charge, Microsoft is doomed, it will only be a matter of time, end of story.

On a semi-unrelated note in regard to the statement Bill Gates is credited with about memory… I’ve got 512Megabytes of ram and it’s *SO* not enough. I wonder how much Bill’s computer has? I’ll just bet it’s more than 640Kilobytes!

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