Cemetery Segregation

Just when you think you’ve heard everything, along comes proof that in fact, you haven’t. Case in point is a recent CBS News story about the case of an unidentified woman who was found with her hair cut off, a plastic bag over her head and her hands cut off. She had been strangled and then tossed aside.

As if this isn’t enough, it seems that in the year since then not only is there no solution to the crime, there is also no solution to the disposition of her body. That story is the real one and it’s one that makes me believe that there’s a lot of people in Waller County, Texas that only have fractional ownership of anything even resembling brains.

The victim is white, the funeral home and cemetery that a justice of the peace chose to take care of her burial are “historically black”. There’s since been a lot of back and forth about it with some fighting words being flung about. As a result, Waller County has been paying Harris County $50 a day to store the body.

I am not a hamster but I know idiocy when I see it and this absolutely qualifies. It’s bad enough that the woman was murdered in the first place. It’s even worse that there’s not been any family members or anyone to claim her body. But the fact that there is apparently a racial segregation in funeral and cemetery services is flatly asinine.

There’s no excuse for this kind of thing. The woman is dead and instead of getting a decent burial she and what memory there might be of her gets to be disrespected and abused in a ridiculous situation. One that, if she were a live person and was being denied a table in a restaurant, motel room or other services because the clients were historically one race and she were another… there would be lawsuits, protests and the whole mess would make the six O’Clock news all over the world.

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