Facebook Overhead

I was just on my Facebook page, editing my “applications” because when I signed up recently I got into the game of the thing and before I realized it I had nearly thirty of them! As if that wasn’t enough, When adding them, I neglected to un-check the box that tells them NOT to send me email. So, after a couple of weeks of getting loads of notification emails I decided that I am not a hamster, I’m going to turn off the email notifications.

That’s when I logged in and discovered that I had that many applications, all with permission to send me email. I’m about halfway through changing that and I have to say, the way that works is really bad.

The links on the “edit my applications” pages are written with an “onclick” element instead of an “href” element. This means that you CAN’T right click on them and open ’em up in new tabs so that you can deal with all of them at once. Instead, you have to edit them one at a time and wait for the whole page to reload after each one.

Nice way to take something that could be easy and make it take six times as long.

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