Bill Gates Chewing Out Microsoft

With the retirement of Bill Gates (you know, the guy credited with saying that 640k was enough for anybody?) Well, it seems that one of his functions has been to try and keep the folks at Microsoft in step with reality. One of the ways was shown in an email he sent to some Microsoft exec’s back in 2003 that has recently re-appeared on Gizmodo

I am not a hamster, after reading that email my first thought was “GOOD, I’m glad somebody high up in Microsoft has the same kind of infuriating problems that the rest of us are put through all the time.

The email tells the story of his mis-adventure in trying to download Windows Movie Maker. This is a story of confusing, slow loading web pages that are harder to navigate than they are to understand. Multiple reboots and a huge load of unnecessarily confusing crap that really shouldn’t have been.

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